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Leah and Keisha grew up together on the run-down Caldwell estate. Years later Keisha has reinvented herself as Natasha, married to the handsome and wealthy Frank with two perfect children, a beautiful house and a career in law. Leah , married to Michel, but not sharing his desire to have babies, is still on the estate, where she is a prey for drug-addicted scammers. She feels alienated from her former best friend. She is unaware that Natasha is secretly unhappy, attending anonymous sex parties, and when Frank finds out Natasha bolts, finding herself in the company of another old school-mate Nathan, once a promising footballer, now a petty thief working for a drugs gang. At the same time Felix, a cheery wheeler-dealer, is stabbed to death after a row on a tube train and Natasha realizes that she knows who killed him. Coming to Leah’s aid after the latter has had a domestic crisis Natasha realizes that, for all their differing life-styles, they are as close as they ever were and they …

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